Thursday, March 24, 2011

Breaking Dawn

im so glad to finally finish "Breaking Dawn" of the Twilight Saga..

Through audio book..

I remember One night when I fell asleep listening to it, I dreamed of vampires and wolf..hehehe though the dream is confusing coz I don't know if I am a vampire or a wolf.. hahaha its a bit scary..but I can't remember the entire dream... so when I woke up, I laugh at my dream and never listen to it at night...hehehe

Anyway, Breaking Dawn is great..though I expect a little more actions..hehe

what they really focus there is the family ties..the family bond..and it's nice..sticking with your family..defend your family and friends..the values..
two thumbs up for Ms. Meyer..


Toy Scene said...

I really love these books! Can't wait for the part 2 movie!

Quality Divan Beds said...

Twilight rocks!